Due to COVID19 SafeRide America has temporarily stopped offering SafeRide Services. We are repurposing our volunteer labor force to offer free delivery services and errand services to anyone that cannot or should not do it for themselves.

Choose A Service

SafeRide Service On-Demand or Reservation

We drive you AND your car. Available on-demand Monday through Saturday 6 pm to 4 am and Sunday 3 pm to 1 am.

Professional Driver Rental By The Hour

Rent a professional chauffeur by the hour. Available by reservation only.

Event and Party Services

Dedicated teams of SafeRide designated drivers for your party or event and provide your guests a safe way home giving you peace of mind.

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Service available

Monday to Saturday 6pm – 4am

Sunday 3 pm – 1 am

Metro Atlanta Area Only

We drive you AND your car for less than a taxi. We do the driving so you don’t have to! Delivering Safety!

Currently serving the Metro Atlanta area only

SafeRide America is a public service social enterprise that effectively provides solutions to stopping impaired driving incidents before they can happen. The SafeRide America program provides everyone an opportunity to be a responsible consumer of alcohol. We offer society new “tools” to get themselves AND their cars safely home. Our On-Demand designated driver service means you never have to wonder how you are going to get you AND your car home safely. We have the answer!