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Designated Driver Service

We drive you AND your car for you. Never risk DUI. Never leave your car behind. Also available for out-patient medical and dental procedures.

Rent A Driver

Hire a professional SafeRide Driver to drive you in your own car by the hour or for the day.

Event Services

Make your next event safe and fun. We can customize our driver service to accommodate small and large events.

How On Demand Service works

Book SafeRide from the App

Download the app for exclusive deals and ease of booking

Request On Demand Service with the SafeRideNOW app, here on the website, or call us at 404-888-0887. Summon a SafeRide driver to your pickup location. Our professional driver will drive you AND your car any where you need to go.

  • By the minute pricing
  • NO pick up fee
  • NO mileage fee
  • NO surge pricing
  • $10 minimum

Saferide Service Hours:

Sunday through Wednesday- 6 pm to 2 am

Thursday- 6 pm to 3 am

Friday and Saturday- 6 pm to 4 am

What others say about us

I have talked about SafeRide for years and when I say years, I’ve been using SafeRide for 15 years. What is Saferide? You get to a party. Say you had a glass of wine and that turns into two and you go, uh-oh, I can’t drive home. Well you call SafeRide or you hit the app. It is so easy. They show up and they take you and your car home. SafeRide is consistent and they are great. Let me talk about the app. It works just like a rideshare. You can set it up. In fact, tonight I’m going up to Alpharetta. I know I’m going to have a couple drinks so I’m going to have them pick me up at 9 p.m. at said location. They show up with two people inside the SafeRide car that is clearly marked. One of the drivers gets out and drives you in your car home. It could not be easier. You can tip on the app. You can sign up to drive for SafeRide. You can hire them for an event. It cannot be simpler and it’s so safe that’s why they call it SafeRide America at saferideamerica.org

Sandra G

I love SafeRide because…I make the phone call. They come and grab me and my party and my car. I get to wake up tomorrow with everything at my house. It’s that simple.

Carlos and friends

“A well-respected and widely available nonprofit that vows to drive you and your car home for less than the price of rideshare or a taxi”

Atlanta Journal Constitution

“I greatly appreciate SafeRide being willing to help others by running errands during the COVID shelter in place. They picked up my very lengthy grocery list out of our mailbox, and delivered the groceries to our door without ever interacting with them in person. The gentlemen called us a few times to offer options based on what was available. He also used gloves to open our mailbox and do the grocery shopping. Thank you for being willing to be on the front lines for us so that we could remain safe! P.S. This service is free but we opted to tip and donate. Take care!”

Kevin M