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An elderly lady gets her eyes dilated at the optometrist; a 21 year old has celebrated his birthday at the hottest night club until he ran out of money; a mother gets morning sickness while at work, but only has enough money to buy groceries so she can’t afford a cab;  a guy at the bar drinks a 12 pack and passes out on the stool; a women on the worst date ever slamming glasses of wine just to get through it; – these are just some of the situations that arise in life.  How do these folks get home?  Who wants to be on the road and meet up with someone driving their car that is in one of these situations, driving, trying to just get home?

We have all driven while impaired.  Yes, all of us.  Why?

SafeRide America believes it’s because we want our car and can’t think of any other viable option rather than to drive it ourselves.  If we have money on hand, maybe, just maybe we call a cab, but doubtful.  We want our car.

Just $25 will get someone home with their car.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, SafeRide America is able to get these folks, that can’t afford to pay, safely home.  More often than not an impaired driving crash effects innocent victims.  Your contribution empowers someone to choose a different path.  Why?  Because money is not an objection.  They don’t need money to get home safe.  They just need to call us.  We’ll dispatch a designated driver to take them home for free.  But we can’t do it with out YOU!

Our supporters help free our roads of impaired drivers saving lives every day.

Perhaps two of the most tragic impaired driving crash circumstances is when an innocent child is injured or a parent is lost in a crash.  Children’s lives are instantly changed….FOREVER!  An undue hardship is brought upon the family in an instant and one they cannot recover from easily.

SafeRide America is here to help these families.  Financial support for these families and their children can make a world of difference.  These families suffer due to no fault of their own.  Medical equipment may be needed; medications can be very expensive; an income may be lost forever; a child’s education may have to take a back seat – these are all problems that can be solved with your generous contribution.  Their problem becomes your opportunity, YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO HELP!

Consider donating to SafeRide America today.  We’ll show you exactly where it goes. Please call us at 404.888.0887 and ask us how YOU can make a difference.

To make a donation please click the donate button bellow to complete our secure donation form.  Please remember…..NEVER DRIVE IMPAIRED!  Our designated drivers are standing by now, waiting for your call.