SafeRide America – Service With Purpose

“A well-respected and widely available nonprofit that vows to drive you and your car home for less than the price of rideshare or a taxi” – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Welcome to SafeRide America, a nonprofit organization committed to providing safe and affordable transportation options. Our mission, established in 2010, is to proactively prevent all forms of impaired driving. Through our unique social enterprise business model, we offer a range of public services addressing various driving safety concerns.

At SafeRide America, we take pride in delivering professional and pre-screened drivers for a variety of needs. Here’s how we ensure your safety:

  1. Designated driving– our driver, your car, on-demand or by reservation
  2. Shuttle driving– our drivers, your shuttle or van
  3. Corporate transportation– our drivers in your company controlled vehicles
  4. Vehicle transfers– our drivers will move any vehicle from one location to another
  5. Personal chauffeurs– rent our driver by the hour to drive you and your car
  6. Event services– we offer custom event solutions with free event safety plans

It’s simple: We drive YOU AND YOUR CAR.