Rent one of our professional drivers to drive you in your own car or a rented car for an extended period of time. Our professional driver-by-the-hour service is available by reservation only. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. Just fill out our reservation form below and we’ll take great care of you!

This service is ideal for the traveling business person that must entertain clients, a special night out on the town with friends, or trips over 3 hours.

Driver By The Hour Rates
Basic Rate $35 a hour + gratuity
**4 hour minimum required

Please complete the reservation form below to make a reservation for a Driver By The Hour. All reservations must be secured with a Major Credit Card.

Driver By The Hour Reservation

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Fill in the information below to request a reservation to rent a professional SafeRide America driver by the hour to drive you and your car for you. Please be as detailed as possible.

If after submiting this reservation and you need to make changes to any detail please read and follow the instructions at the top of this form or call us for additional information.

We will charge your credit card in advance for the total fare plus gratuity. You may cancel your reservation within 24 hours of pickup time for a full refund. Should you cancel your reservation less than 24 hours in advance of your reservation you will be refunded the fare and gratuity previously charged to your account minus a $15 cancellation fee. If you do not cancel your reservation and you are not present when our driver arrives this is considered a “NO SHOW” and you will not be entitled to a refund.

  • Name & Contact Information
  • Pick-up Details
  • Your driver will call you directly at least one hour before the specified arrival time. Please instruct the driver where they can safely park their car while driving for you. Please enter all details below.
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  • Pick-up Details
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  • Service Rates
  • Driver By The Hour rates
    $35 per hour plus tip to the driver with a 4 hour minimum.
  • Terms
  • By providing your credit card information below you acknowledge you have read the below "SafeRide Customer Acknowledgement and Agreement" and agree to its terms.
    SafeRide Customer Acknowledgement and Agreement
    (1) The undersigned customer gives permission to SafeRide America staff/contractors/volunteers to drive and operate his/her vehicle(s).
    (2) The undersigned customer agrees to be fully and solely responsible for securing his/her vehicle(s) upon delivery of vehicle to his/her residence, including securing the contents of said vehicle(s).
    (3) The undersigned customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that SafeRide America and its staff/contractors/volunteers are not responsible for any damage to his/her vehicle(s) or for any lost or missing items from his/her vehicle(s).
    (4) The undersigned client confirms that he/she has insurance coverage compliant with the laws of the state in which service is provided on his/her vehicle and agrees to hold SafeRide America and its staff/contractors/volunteers harmless for any damage that may be caused to said vehicle(s).
    As noted by providing my credit card information below, I accept the above terms.
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  • Although you must use a credit card to hold this reservation you can pay with this credit card, a different credit card or in cash without having anything billed to your card. We accept personal or business checks from Members ONLY.
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