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Event Services

  • Ensure your friends arrive home safe with their car giving you peace of mind
  • Reduce your liability from serving alcohol

Hire a team of professional SafeRide designated drivers for your next party or event. Event Services are available to ensure the transportation safety of your friends and guests and help protect responsible hosts from liability incurred when serving alcohol.

Just fill out the Event Services Reservation form below. It’s that simple.

By utilizing our Event Services, you and your guests will enjoy having teams of professional designated drivers on-site to drive your guests home in the luxury of their own cars.

  • $100 per hour per team
  • Team provides “tip only” rides from your party

Of course we all want to show our guests a great time. That’s the fun part of throwing a party in the first place. You can help ensure your event is a big success by utilizing our Event Services and following a few other key suggestions.

During the event have convenient easy access for everyone to non-alcoholic beverages. Let potential guests know this in the invitation and watch attendance increase.

  • Make high carbohydrate, low sodium foods available to guests. High carb foods in the stomach help to slow the rate that alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. Foods with high sodium (salt) content encourage people to become thirsty faster, making them want to drink more. Save lives (and money) serve foods that have high carbohydrates and low sodium content.
  • If preparing an alcoholic punch, use a non-carbonated base such as fruit juice. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream faster when it has a carbonated base.
  • Stop serving alcohol 90 minutes before your party is over and serve a dessert and coffee, tea or soft drinks. Give your guests an opportunity to wind things down and to get focused on going home safely.
    Don’t let it rain on your party by having one of your guest leave and drive impaired. It’s just not worth it. Complete the form or call us today!

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