Welcome to SafeRide America

“A well-respected and widely available nonprofit that vows to drive you and your car home for less than the price of a taxi” – Atlanta Journal Constitution

SafeRide America is a social enterprise 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization that effectively provides a useful, proven, and affordable answer to stopping impaired driving incidents before they happen.

It’s simple: We drive YOU in YOUR CAR.

Your Designated Drivers

Our driver-for-hire social service program gives everyone an opportunity to be a responsible consumer of alcohol by offering society new “tools” to get themselves AND their cars home safely. Need a designated driver? We have your solution!

For more than a decade, SafeRide America has blazed the trail in driver-for-hire services. No one has been at it longer, nor do they do it better than us.
When we started, we were the only business of its kind. Now, almost 20 years later, our proven effective social enterprise called SafeRide has become a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy friend that it’s customer’s can count on. To our regulars we are like a great pair of broken in shoes. For our new customers, we are like a breath of fresh air. Why not rely on the best in the business? We did, after all, invent the industry. Call us and find out what so many already know. We Are Your Best Option in designated driver services! We’re here when you need us most!

Created to help solve the impaired driving problems we all face, The SafeRide America Program combines three different public services that have only one goal; to get impaired drivers off our roads, no matter the reason for impairment.

On Demand Service: An On Demand fee based driver-for-hire service for you and your car. Upon request via our app or phone call, you can summon a professional driver to your location that will drive you wherever you need to go.  We drive you AND your car. We are not a taxi. Service is available in metro-Atlanta and we will drop off any where within the US. For best service and pricing, download the SafeRideNOW app in the app store.

Service Hours:
Monday – Saturday 6pm-4am
Sundays 3pm-1am

Driver By The Hour Service: Rent one of our professional drivers to chauffeur you in your own car or a rented car for an extended period of time. This service is available 24/7 by reservation. Driver By The Hour service is ideal for the traveling business person that must entertain clients or for a special night out on the town with friends or a loved one.

Event Service: Hire a team of dedicated SafeRide drivers for your next party or event. Event services are available to ensure the transportation safety of your friends and guests while helping to protect responsible hosts from liability incurred when serving alcohol. Call us at 404-888-0887 or email info@saferideamerica.org to inquire on our event services.