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It’s A Mission Thing

Our mission is to pro-actively prevent all types of impaired driving and to assist children that have been orphaned or injured by impaired driving crashes.


Our goals are to eliminate the two main excuses people use to drive impaired

  • I don’t want to leave my car behind
  • I don’t have the money to pay to get my car home

By offering to drive people AND their cars for them for about the same price as a taxi addresses goal #1 and our “pay us later” policy for SafeRide Service addresses goal #2. Yes we do charge a fee for our designated driver services, but will provide service no questions asked, if someone does not have the money to pay for our designated driver services. All we ask anyone to do if they do not have money for the fee is to simply “pay us later”.  You can repay us with your time as a volunteer, paying for your fare at a later date, and/or tell others about our services.  Simple.  Just call us when we’re needed.  We’re here when you need us most!

Children’s Fund

Immediately following a tragedy, it is amazing to watch a community come together to help their neighbor in need.  Friends and family are always their to lend a hand after a tragic life altering event.  It’s just what communities do.  We come together and lift up.

In time, for many valid reasons, that support system begins to wane.  The family has recovered somewhat and is trying to move on with their lives.  But it’s a lot harder than it was when mom or dad was still around.  It’s a lot harder now because of all the medical bills.  It’s a lot harder now because tuition costs keep going up.  It’s a lot harder now even though mom is working two jobs.  It’s a lot harder now than it was back when…

These families, specifically the children, still need help even though a year or two has past since that tragic day.  The medical bills are still piling high.  Tuition costs continue to rise.  There’s just never enough food on the table.  These families still need help.

We are accepting donations every day for children that have been orphaned or injured by an impaired driving crash.  You can read their stories right here on our site.  The Children’s Funds are listed in the Quick Links bottom menu.  Please consider helping a SafeRide Kid today!  They really do need it.